The heart of Career & College Clubs is a research-based,
7th – 12th grade peer-to-peer curriculum,
sequenced to ensure students graduate
career and college ready.

Career & College Clubs’ curriculum is based on college readiness standards developed from research on effective practices and vetted by educators.

The middle school program introduces students to the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in high school and beyond; while the high school program helps students master these concepts while preparing for college and career planning.

The curriculum is modular so that it can be used in any setting: during instruction time, after school, single grade level, multiple grade levels, multiple cohorts, etc., and contains hundreds of hours of activities designed to produce career and college ready high school graduates.

Suggested implementation maps help sites align Career & College Clubs to their unique needs.

Career & College Clubs’ curriculum is divided into five content areas:

College and Career Preparation/Readiness

Students explore their interests, career possibilities, college systems, admissions requirements, and financial aid.

Academic Preparation

Students identify and demonstrate successful academic behaviors, and develop and implement academic plans for high school and beyond.

Leadership Development

Students practice leadership skills and explore their relationship with their local community and the world.

Social and Emotional Skill Development

Students identify and practice skills for managing emotions, building relationships, and decision-making.

Professional Etiquette

Students learn and practice successful behaviors in professional settings.

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