SB 451, signed by California Governor Jerry Brown in early October, requires that schools that provide counseling must focus more on career and college readiness.

The new law

  • Provides school counselors with a focus to meet today’s standards
  • Revises statutes not updated since 1987
  • Gives guidance to school administrators on how to support their counselors
  • Does NOT provide any budget allocation
  • Calls for professional development and training for counselors
  • Requires career and college counseling


SB 451 requires that school districts tackle many of the recommended standards in career and college readiness literature, including:

  • Planning for the future
  • Understanding the variety of higher education options
  • Identifying college admissions and enrollment information
  • Discovering personal preferences and interests in regards to educational and occupational options
  • Developing realistic perceptions of work
  • Applying for financial aid
  • Acquiring interpersonal skills


To learn how Career & College Clubs can help districts satisfy these requirements,  contact us.

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