Middle Grades Webinar Series

admin | Thursday, September 10, 2015

Career & College Clubs is pleased to announce our latest initiative to improve middle grade outcomes.

The Middle Grades Webinar Series  will help participants better understand the importance of middle grades, the research underlying the need for greater attention to college readiness / career awareness in the middle grades, and other valuable information germane to middle grade educators and practitioners.

The webinars are free to attend and open to anyone interested in learning more on these important topics. They will be recorded and posted to for offline viewing.

The webinar topics are listed below.

For additional details, including dates/times and to register, follow this link.

Middle Grade Crisis: Catching Them Before They Fall Through the Cracks
[October 2015]

Middle Grade Mindset: Elevating Social-Emotional Skills through Peer-to-Peer Learning
[November 2015]

Middle Grade Leadership: Cultivating a Schoolwide Success Culture through Peer-to-Peer Mentoring  [December 2015]

Middle Grade Empowerment: Teachers as Coaches of Student-Driven Learning and Leadership  [January 2016]

Middle Grade Engagement: Experiential Learning for Real-Life College and Career Readiness Skills  [February 2016]

Middle Grade Engagement: Elevating the Expectations and Outcomes of At-Risk Students
[March 2016]

Middle Grade Awareness: Financial Aid Resources and “Free Money” to Pay for College
[April 2016]

Middle Grade Impact: A Pivotal Time in the K-12 Continuum of Career Readiness
[May 2016]

Middle Grade Impact: A Pivotal Time in the K-12 Continuum of College Readiness
[June 2016]

Middle Grade Connections: Soft Skills for Workforce Readiness and Real-World Applications
[July 2016]

Middle Grade Connections: Parents as Partners in College and Career Planning for Students
[August 2016]

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