Today Career & College Clubs released the third issue in our Middle Grades Research Series.

The issue summarizes research findings on the need for, and impact of, college awareness and college preparation activities in middle school.

Takeaways from the research review include:

  • Most middle school students do not have a plan for what they need to do to be college ready when they graduate from high school.
  • Students need to develop a college-going identity, that is, to believe that college will enable them to achieve future goals and to envision themselves as successful college students.
  • Involving middle school students in experiences that help them focus on the future, develop college knowledge, and map pathways for attaining their goals improves their school performance.

To view the full document, click here:

Middle Grades Research Series: College Awareness & Preparation Activities.

The Middle Grades Research Series is published to highlight the importance of the middle school space, that critical time when young people begin forming the attitudes, thought patterns, and work habits that they will carry through the rest of their lives.

Other issues in the series cover career awareness and preparation, financial literacy education, and peer-to-peer learning.

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